Monday, February 8, 2016

Twitter Spectrum : Twitter Topic-Words Association Analysis

It is a visualization of the topics for two words in the latest results from Twitter. First word is colored blue, the other red, and the associated topics are colored and positioned based on how highly they are associated with the two words. Click on any topic to see the related Tweets from the twitter.

Like this allows you to enter your own terms of interest. Press the 'Enter' key to generate the spectrum after entering your words.

We can use this application for competitor analysis.

When I had chosen India and China I found following discussion topics on twitter and its association spectrum shown below:

Blue and Red color represents the associated topics of those two words whereas Purple represents the common words.

You can click on any topic in the spectrum to see related tweets. My interesting topic Olympics is highly associated with China than India. When I clicked on it to see relevant tweets I found following:

This Spectrum may changes with time due to continuous updates on twitter. 

It is created by Jeff Clark in May 2008. He had created News Spectrum first which was visualization of the words used for two topics in the latest results from Google News. He modified News Spectrum application to take data from Twitter instead for Twitter Spectrum.

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