Monday, March 7, 2016

Google Analytics: Audience > Demographics > Language reports "c" as a language code.

Hello GA users,

You might have seen (not set) as the value for dimensions within each of these dimension groups such as:

       Advertising: Campaign, Ad Group, Keyword, Match Type, etc. 
       Content: Landing Page 
       Visitors: Flash Version, Screen Colors, Language, etc     

(not set) is a placeholder name that Analytics uses when it has not received any information for the dimension you have selected. You might have referred What the value (not set) means

Recently, one of my friend Victor noticed lots of visits having "c" as a language code in the Audience > Demographics > Language reports. 

So he was just wondering and questions in his mind that What kind of language can it be? Is it some kind of an error?

I also don't know what language is this but I can tell you for what type of visitors you are able to see 'c' language. Here is screen capture of the report.

The visitors who are visiting your site through the Network Domain , for those visitors you are able to see the language as 'c'. Might be 'c' is representing the Cloud.

More info you can find here :

Hope this will help you. 

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