Hi Everyone,

This is my first blog where I want to write about Web Analytics that I had experienced during my on-going career. I will always welcome your suggestions and the thoughtful expectations. I will try my level best to complete those expectations.

This is absolutely a great start of my New Year 2011.

I totally amaze because I don't know how Avinash Kaushik write posts. You know people do Yoga for being healthy. And the same way, I follow Avinash Kaushik's Blog posts on  http://www.kaushik.net/avinash/ for being better and and better in my web analytics job role.

I am following his blog since 2007. This has been helped me in my web analytics career like the way of life through Bhagwad-gita when I started my Web Analytics career in 2007.

I want to thank you Avinash Kaushik from my bottom of heart because his posts are really helped me to make better decisions.