Saturday, January 23, 2016

Web Analytics Tools

As I mentioned in my earlier post there are two ways to track the website visitor data one is ‘Page Tagging’ and another is ‘Web Logs’. If we miss the tagging of javascript code on any of the page of the website tool can’t track visitor data for those pages. As a result of missing tags we didn’t get a clear picture of visitor data. It seems we are analyzing the missing data.
10-20% of visitors are typically missed by web analytics page tags. The embedding of javascript page tags onto every page is a costly, time consuming and error-prone process. Even when page tags are done correctly they miss users due to browser issues, reporting issues, and server or spyware blockers. Also the page tags can even slow down the web page for the user there we need to consider the downloading time of the web page before and after adding tags.

Many companies use multiple web analytics vendors in their company and often on the same site. This leads to some pages having as many as half a dozen page tags that affects the page download and visitor data collection. You will find that one tool shows 2000 visitors so other may show 2300.

There are lots of Web Analytics tools available in the market. Here are few of them which are mostly used and popular too:

1) Unica NetInsight:
For anyone who has ever used page tags in traditional Web analytics applications, chances are the experience was frustrating and time consuming. Fortunately, there’s a better way. Unica’s approach to Web analytics data collection eliminates much of this pain, substantially reducing marketing’s dependency on IT to get started or make changes.
Many other Web analytics software packages require extensive custom JavaScript code to tag pages for customer segments, content groupings, funnel steps, campaign details, etc.  In contrast, Unica “soft tagging” approach minimizes the need for code modifications to deliver advanced, personalized metrics and reports. As a result, marketers can easily set these configurations in NetInsight’s visual user interface.
There are few Products and Services they have mentioned separately as:
Analytics: Here it monitors website traffic and applications
Optimize: This model is used for testing, segmenting and targeting.
Ads: This model is used for improving ad performances
Segments: This model profile your prospects and customers
Social Measurement: This model includes four stages such as Listen, Engage, Measure and Decide.

Omniture® SiteCatalyst® is now Adobe® SiteCatalyst®, powered by Omniture®. Adobe SiteCatalyst provides marketers with actionable, real-time intelligence about online strategies and marketing initiatives. SiteCatalyst helps marketers quickly identify the most profitable paths through their Web site, determine where visitors are navigating away from their site, and identify critical success metrics for online marketing campaigns. SiteCatalyst is part of the Adobe® Online Marketing Suite of applications for online business optimizations.
         Google Analytics is a free web analytics tool provided by the Google.
1)      It has capacity to track your Paid Campaigns.
2)      It has the power of alerts you can set for your account according.
3)      GA can track mobile visits and E-commerce, industry benchmarks too.
4)      It is very popular for its advanced segmentation and flexible customization.
Google also providing a paid web analytics tool called Urchin which is very similar to GA.

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