Tuesday, May 10, 2016

4 Top Digital Customer Engagement Live Chat Software Solutions Reviewed

You already know Only 1 Reason Why Businesses Need Live Chat correctly.

But you may not know is exactly which of the dozens of live chat products out there is right for your business. The idea behind digital customer engagement live chat software solutions is that it will translate into more sales and higher conversions. Of course, this will vary from business to business.

Every software has its pros and cons, both for operators and customers.  In this post, we’ll take a closer look at four of the most popular live chat solutions, so you can decide which one’s best for you.

Proactive chatters are 6 times more likely to buy than average website visitors, so please make sure you are using it in every edition of any LiveChat Solutions below.

LivePerson’s LiveEngage – is the Leading Digital Engagement Solution

LivePerson is one of the first live chat software solutions available on the web.

Since then, they’ve used their significant name recognition and branding to become one of the most popular choices for enterprise level live chat needs.

LiveEngage also has a free option with only one user.

It was lacking in affordability for smaller businesses but now they have come withFlexible and Economical Usage Based Pricing plans for smaller business as well with attractive price such as $18/month currently (Jul, 2015) from $99.99/month (Aug 2013).

LivePerson integrates with Google Analytics, Salesforce and Facebook and has a full suite of analytical tools such as LivePerson Insight to do sentiment analysis and text analysis very easily (available to both admins and operators) to show you where customers may be dropping through the business cycle.

LivePerson have best customer support where customer is assigned one agent that stays with you until the problem is fixed. I personally worked on LivePerson LiveEngage Chat Solution from 2009 onwards (more than 6years now) and as a customer, I am really happy about their services.

Oracle’sRightNow Chat Cloud Service – Pricy Choice at The First Glance

RightNow live chat has several different levels of live chat software depending on the size and scale of your business.
Pricing is based per month and per agent and ranges from $90 to $250 per seat (Operator).

Starting with Standalone Chat Dynamic Agent Desktop (at $90/month/agent), you can use the company’s over 70 built-in rule conditions to custom rules-based proactive chat engine to measure and engage with customers who fit your specific criteria.

Oracle RightNow Chat Cloud Service can leverage the knowledgebase, enabling customers to search for answers while waiting for an agent. In addition, agents can leverage the knowledgebase to search for answers to push to customers.

Oracle RightNow Chat Cloud Service doesn’t have a free option.

Occasionally, you will realize that RightNow's load times and refresh times are slow. The fact that RighNow is cloud based with limited local footprint can also be a negative due to lack of ability of configuration locally. Cost of right now is quite high and is often a turn off for potential customers.

LogMeIn’s BlodChat - Numerous Options to Pricing that scales with your business

BoldChat has several different tiers of live chat software depending on the size and scale of your business.

Pricing is based per year and per agent and ranges from $599 and up.

Starting with BoldChat Pro (at $599/year/agent currently increased from $499/year/agent in 2013) where as they are confident that you won't find a better value in live chat.  For the money, they believe they have the most robust feature-set available. When compared against the market leaders, they offer 98% of their features for less than 50% of the cost. Now it is up to you how you negotiate your needs with BoldChat.

BoldChat Premier is helping to ensure that customers are never “transferred” to the next level of tech support or passed off to another agent to spend +30 minutes explaining their problem again. This indicates the strong support by BoldChat team.

BoldChat also has no free option other than 10-day free trial is available on any BoldChat product edition and is fully functional.

BoldChat's customer service tools were designed to offer businesses ultimate flexibility and total compatibility. Pure HTML-based technology avoids potentially damaging experiences caused by java-based solutions and provides the easiest platform for customization.

NETOP’s Live Guide –All in one consolidated solution

Live Guide is the company with a consolidated solution for comprehensive, multidevice, real-time communication to anyone, anywhere, anytime.

Whenever we go for all, it is very difficult to manage everything at a time. It is the situation with Live Guide. We found it is not quick in connecting to Chat Operator.

Still Netop Live Guide claims that it is the next generation chat service in online customer interaction. Despite of that it offers audio, video, and live chat directly within your email, via social media, and in your online advertising and press releases. With a simple click, customers can easily engage in live, real-time dialogue with your customer service and technical sales representatives.

LiveGuide doesn’t integrates with Google Analytics, Google Adsense and Salesforce to help build on your existing platform experience. It will provide you xml files that you need to use for your convenience.

What’s Your Top Favorite List of Live Chat Solution?

I have realized that now days there are hundreds of live chat products, with no way to review all of them.

Did I miss your top favorite list?

Share it with me below in the comments or Leave a message me through right side button and let me know how it has impacted your business!